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Bunk beds - great for the kids bedroom

Posted by Jay on 04/09/2009 under Beds. Currently 2 comments.

Apartments in the cities always have a space problem. However, you can take care of this problem by installing a bunk bed in the kids bedroom. These childrens beds look great in a bedroom and the kids love it too!

Putting in a bunk bed gives you more space in the room, and kids always do need to have that extra space in their room for playing. Kids may initially not like sharing a room if they are cramped for space, but putting in a bunk bed can make all the difference. It creates more space in the room.

Concerns Of Safety

As parents you may be hesitant about putting in a bunk bed purely for safety reasons. Many feel that the kid may fall off the upper bunk at night, or that climbing up and down the ladder could be unsafe. Another fear is that the base of the upper bunk would collapse!

Dispel the thought.

Safety will never be an issue if you shop for high quality bunk beds. Bunk beds have sturdy guard rails properly installed around the upper bunk. The ladder going to the upper bunk is strong and well attached to the upper bunk. There is no question of the upper bunk collapsing, unless you have opted for cheaper bunk beds which have not been designed well!

Bunk Bed Types

The standard bunk bed is the one with one bed atop the other. There are, however, many variations to this arrangement.

The lower could be a full sized bed to accommodate two kids with a single upper bunk for your third kid.

Bunk beds could be built with wood and alternately you can have them stylishly designed out of metal.

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